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New highscores

447/1230 111.123
Canon Rock - Hard
Jerry C EosElora
95/362 133.612
Infernoplex - Normal
Dimrain47 Krzysiek445
44/206 58.172
What We Live For - Normal
Escape Artists Krzysiek445
36/166 71.071
Better Times - Normal
Escape Artists Krzysiek445
146/279 80.841
Infernoplex - Easy
Dimrain47 ixia26

Welcome to rocklegend!

A free and open source online music game. If you know Guitar Hero or Rockband, you'll know how to play. Just use your keyboard to hit the notes at the right time, score high and become a rocklegend!

After quiet some time of silence, I'm trying to get back to update and implement new features, enhancements and bugfixes.

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If you want to support this project, please consider becoming a patreon. This will help with server costs, and feeding the kids while I work on new things!
On some tiers, you may also request new songs and tracks to be added!

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Tell me what you like, what you miss,
and what doesn't work for you via rocklegends facebook page or on the official subreddit: Subreddit subscribers

Cheers and thank you for joining!,

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New tracks

by Alcatroz
by Dimrain47

by Alcatroz
by Dimrain47

by Alcatroz
Better Times
by Escape Artists

by Alcatroz
What We Live For
by Escape Artists

by Alcatroz
Canon Rock
by Jerry C

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