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Blue Judy (USA)

“The Great Unknown and the Long Goodbye” is the second EP released by Los Angeles band Blue Judy. The EP is the result of 6 months of writing and recording by the band which they produced themselves with the help of friends and family. The EP also introduces the musical contributions from new members Matt Maltese (guitar), Brian Zarlenga (drums) and Mike Meehan (keyboard). After finishing their first EP “The Common and Continual Mischiefs” the band found itself after two years, lost, as personal relationships and careers began to strain under the weight of responsibilities and realities. “I think we reached a point where as a band we weren’t sure what we were going to do next,” said lead singer Gustavo Galindo. “For me, it felt like everything was falling apart and I thought that maybe we had reached our peak as a band.” Finding themselves at the crossroads, the boys did what came naturally by gathering these emotions onto paper and demo recordings. Not long after, the band had 7 new original songs that they decided to record and produce themselves. As bass player Luke Benedum describes, “We really wanted to capture the raw emotional moment that the band was going through and by doing it ourselves we had the time to do it right. It was also the first time we wrote and recorded music with Brian, Matt and Mike and their individual styles really influenced the sound of these songs.” If the first EP reflected the band’s enthusiasm and idealism, this album showcases the band's growing maturity and coming of age. “If there’s a general theme to this album, it's about saying goodbye to our youth and moving on into the present,” says Galindo. “We really discovered ourselves again and found that sometimes the best music comes out of the most dire experiences.” Recently the band has received multiple TV song placements on “One Tree Hill” and “90210” for their song “All The Things You Know” and on the CBS show “Harpers Island” for their song “Everyone Remember Your Name”. They are currently looking to expand outside of the L.A. area. “The Great Unknown and the Long Goodbye” is available for purchase on iTunes worldwide and other digital music sites.


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