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…stands for pure SkaPUNK at its best! Fast Punkrock combinated with offbeats and massive support of the horns! The main-topics are policitcal and social-critical lyrics to call up the people to think their own ways. On the stage The Eccos present an entraining – full of energy SkaPunkShow.

After having played a great number of shows in AT, GER, HU, CZ, SK and SL they shared the stage with bands like Panteon Rococo (MEX), The Locos (ESP), Rantanplan (GER), Karamelo Santo (ARG), Argies (ARG), Streetlight Manifesto (USA), The Toy Dolls (UK), Emil Bulls (GER), The Peepshows (SWE), Stroh (ESP), Kafkas (GER), Planet Smashers (CAN), Far From Finished and many many more…

We also want to turn your attention to the show with the almighty and famous PENNYWISE, together with Strike Anywhere and A Wilhelm Scream, where they played in the big Vienna Gasometer for a few thousand people.

In March and April 2011 The Eccos did their first 3-week headlining tour through the Caribean and Mexico together with “Kinderplay” and “Nadie Calavera”.


Ska-punk is like sex: it’s only dirty if it’s done right. Shows by THE ECCOS tend to get real dirty! Massive offbeat orgies, powerful punk-rock parts and trumpets on fucking fire. If you don’t feel the urge to dance to this, you’re probably into country.

Mindless swinging and swaying is a definite no-left with THE ECCOS. Ska mustn’t be reduced to sunshine reggae. Instead, the band wants to encourage their audience to think and act independently: Miguel Guinness’ Mexican vocal power meets provocative lyrics made in Austria.


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