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Jerry C JerryC, also known by his English name Jerry Chang, is a Taiwanese guitarist and composer. He is known for his song "Canon Rock", a rock arrangement of Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D. He... Read More

Canon Rock
19.225 plays
I am alright
5.810 plays

Dimrain47 As a long time member of the NewGrounds audio portal, Dimrain47 has created a unique style of fast paced tempos and leads (usually unbroken 16th note chains) played with either a... Read More

4.198 plays
3.788 plays
Twilight Techno
1.301 plays
Forsaken Neon
3.492 plays
4.309 plays
A Spectrum Wind
1.149 plays

Ludwig van Beethoven was a German composer and pianist. A crucial figure in the transition between the Classical and Romantic eras in Western art music, he remains one of the most famous and... Read More

Für Elise
8.082 plays
The Tempest
303 plays

Escape Artists (AUT) Meet an exciting young quintet With catchy riffs, (bitter)sweet lyrics and a female lead, ESCAPE ARTISTS even make the lamest crowd go crazy. The band combines poppunk with... Read More

What We Live For
1.991 plays
Better Times
1.447 plays

Why is a band, that has just released one demo, playing all over the world? And why are they performing on Eurpoe‘s biggest festival stage in front of 160.000 people? Or how have they gained the... Read More

Gained Noise
1.948 plays

Smalshlie (PL) The band was formed in February of 2013. The composition creates: Paul Miszczak, Charles Miszczak, Adrian Ochaby and Peter Miszczak. Music performed by Smashlie can be described as a... Read More

My War
261 plays
1.020 plays
The Storm
212 plays
This Story Ends Tonight
342 plays

THE ECCOS (AUT) – THE BAND …stands for pure SkaPUNK at its best! Fast Punkrock combinated with offbeats and massive support of the horns! The main-topics are policitcal and social-critical... Read More

Deine Stadt
1.668 plays

Everlyn (ESP) Spain has more to offer than Enrique Iglesias and Las Ketchup. EVERLYN is not as famous yet within their pop-rock genre, they are one of the biggest names though. Their current track... Read More

Second Best
1.353 plays

Davie504 slaps the Bass very well. Slap like on his channel or we have to call the police. Subscribe on his channel or we have to call the FBI.

Hardest Bass Riff Ever
1.300 plays

Frédéric Chopin Frédéric François Chopin, born Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin, was a Polish composer and virtuoso pianist of the Romantic era, who wrote primarily for the solo piano. He gained and... Read More

1.103 plays
172 plays

Blue Judy (USA) “The Great Unknown and the Long Goodbye” is the second EP released by Los Angeles band Blue Judy. The EP is the result of 6 months of writing and recording by the band which... Read More

1.138 plays

Joseph Patrick Moore For more than a decade Joseph Patrick Moore has been touring, recording, and establishing himself as an artist with a unique voice and a diversity of talents. His skills as... Read More

588 plays

Sinvicta Sinvicta is an amateur gamer and online radio personality who does everything from running his popular StarCraft 2 Tournament: The S.S. RADIO Open, directing his own videos to hosting his... Read More

550 plays

Metallica is an American heavy metal band. The band was formed in 1981 in Los Angeles by vocalist/guitarist James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich, and has been based in San Francisco for most of its... Read More

525 plays

PBH Club (AUT) Members Benedikt Morak (Vox) Ernst Buchinger (Git) Patrick Braun (Bass) Stephan Pototschnig (Drums) Martin "Maxx" Fischer (Tr) Stefan "Broono" Brunner (Tr) Matthias Plunser (Tbn)... Read More

There are no tracks for this artist available yet :(

Mohandas (AUT) The future is unwritten.

There are no tracks for this artist available yet :(

STEREO|SEASON (AUT) STEREO|SEASON was founded in 2007 in Graz, Austria. Since then they played more than 100 concerts, did a London-Tour, placed 3 Videos on GoTV and launched their debut album... Read More

There are no tracks for this artist available yet :(

The RockTronix (US) The RockTronix is a touring Rock Band fused with Electronica elements. Individually, each member of The RockTronix have worked with a "who's who" of artist's/musician's in... Read More

There are no tracks for this artist available yet :(

Walking for Standards (PH) Zander Bacay on Vocals/Rhythm Guitar Miguel Namoc on Vocals/Lead Guitar Denzel Magat on Drums/Guitar Nicolai Navarro on Bass

There are no tracks for this artist available yet :(

Halfdream (BRAZIL) Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Halfdream is an instrumental progressive metal/post-metal project founded in 2012 by Marcelo Murata. Halfdream is a solo act that can be best... Read More

There are no tracks for this artist available yet :(

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