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Former Jamlegend Tracker and Moderator.

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Luna's Jamlegend Profile

Hello! Please call me Luna! Dog Tongue

Who is Luna?

Luna Gold Hex

* I'm a perfectionist and I strive for achieving greatness and success at whatever I put effort into. I'm a curious, and I like to know about a lot of stuff. I can be a bit silly in a good way. I appreciate animals and nature (and I have a passion for dogs and wolves).
* A strategist on the way I deal with problems. I have good skills with computers and I enjoy doing some coding as a hobbie and also helping people with them. I'm a fan of macs.

Stuff I like

  • I'm a big fan of snow and cold weather too, and I'd love to be living one day at a place that keeps fresh most of the year and has got plenty of snow during winter, and some beautiful landscapes.
  • About music, my tastes is very broad and I listen tons of stuff, depending on my mood. Just check my list of artists, you'll find every sort of artist there.
  • I've been part of the furry fandom since years, and for the ones who are into it, my fursona is a husky who shares my pseudonym.
    FCM6 a19 A C- D H+ P++ R++ T+++ W- RLU cm++ e- f- h* i++ j++ p
  • HUSKIES. Just don't ask me why!

    Come back soon

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My favorite artists
Blitzen Trapper, Ólafur Arnalds, Yann Tiersen, Sonata Arctica, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead, Queen, Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, Luisa Sobral, Karunesh, Kasabian, Kelios, Hans Zimmer, The Flashbulb, Erik Satie, Coyote Kisses, Chrome Sparks, Claude Debussy, Chicago, Boards of Canada, Bibio, Benjy Wertheimer, Maaya Sakamoto,

I play these instruments:  
I've gave a try on piano and guitar before.

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I support rocklegend! My contribution helps add new features, improve the song selection and fix bugs!

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I support rocklegend! My contribution helps add new features, improve the song selection and fix bugs!
6 years ago

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