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About Me

I'm a former Jamlegend player and after the game shutdown I was really sad and disappointed that I can't play it anymore. I tried to search for other games like JL but i just can't find one. Fortunately after a year or more, a friend of mine showed me an offline version of JL(Jamproject) and i was really happy that i could play it again!

Even i can play JL in offline mode i was always dreaming that someday someone will make another game like JL so i can play ONLINE with my friends :) and luckily after a few years, i discovered ROCKLEGEND! Since then i waited for the beta version to come out and i follow updates on Facebook too. I feel lucky, because I received an EARLY ACCESS CODE! I really enjoy playing Rocklegend now! And I want to thank you guys for making my dream a reality! To everyone who made this game possible, I salute you guys! Thank you so much! :D

-add me on Facebook :)


My favorite artists
I love the songs of these artists/bands., Neon Trees, All Time Low, Imagine Dragons, Dimrain47, and Jerry C :)

I play these instruments:  
I don't play any instruments. But I know how to play ROCKLEGEND! hehe :)

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